John Stuart Thibadeau, Sr.


Just Drove Up to Mt Olympus National Park from Atlanta

Nice Rain Forest

Station Wagon

4 Boys

Lost Brakes

Still Happy

Wife Catheren Harwell Thibadeau

A Week before or was it after?

Was that a 4 inch scorpion crawling for shade?


My father, William Cobb Thibadeau, Sr.

Died 1931 When I was seven.

My mother, Nelle Murray Thibadeau

Picture taken in 1978

Me (top left) and my brothers, Bob (right), Bill Jr. (bottom left) and Dick (right).

About 1944

Outside of same house as my father above.

My father William C Thibadeau

c. 1917

John Stuart Thibadeau, Jr. and Wife Catheren (who died in 1983)