Hello. The current layout was created at 11:27pm. This is not to be taken as an excuse, just try to keep it in mind as you stare at the white rabbit on the bottom of the page. The Whimseys is a small puppet group, that focuses on puppets on TV(cough*OnTv.com*cough) and movies. Although I am intrested in marionettes, I think it may be dangerous for me to attempt to make too many, therefore, I make hand puppets.

The Galley is usually a bit deviod of puppets. Over time that WILL change, but most of my newest stuff is in current projects. Currently, I am attempting a short movie featuring a goat and mushroom, severely undercast creatures. And it is 11:36! The "Sign Book" link to the side is for the guest book. Do NOT type anything inapropriete or that feature will be taken away, I can't sensor it every minute. Lastly, "Contact me" whenever you feel like chatting please write to me, I don't send form letters.

I believe thats it! Thanks for visiting!



Anne Thibadeau.
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